Welcome to the general care page. Here you can find care information for just about every product that I sell to help prolong its life span. 

Types of Food Safe Finishes I use

A large amount of the items that I produce and sell are food related to some degree. Anything that has contact with food is treated one of two ways. 

  • Mineral oil is applied to a large number of my products such as cutting boards, and interior sections of pepper grinders and coffee grinders. This is a non toxic, odorless, colorless, and non drying finish. The oil helps prevent the natural absorption properties of wood to prevent water from being absorbed. A bottle of mineral oil should be kept on hand to easily apply coats as time goes on to prolong wood life.
  • The second type of finish is a type of varnish. It is a food safe General Finishes "Salad Bowl Finish" that is a non toxic when cured finish. The finish creates a strong barrier to protect the wood while still being food safe. This is used in a large amount of my projects as finish to prevent water absorption. You can find this finish on cheese boards, rolling pins, and salad bowls. 

Care Information

The care information for the majority of my products is very similar to that of the cutting board care guide that I made. The glues and finishes that I use are very resistant to cleaning. Here is a guide to how to maintain, treat, and things to avoid. 

  • Products with mineral oil finish such as cutting boards, and the interior sections of pepper grinders and coffee grinders should be reapplied when they dry out. Cutting boards should have mineral oil reapplied every month or whenever it seems dry. Coffee grinders and pepper grinders mineral oil does not need to be applied as often since this wood will not be "struck" as often by another object like cutting boards do with knives. Reapplying mineral oil is very simple and very easy to find. You can find it at stores like Home Depot, Chef Central, and other stores where cutting boards are sold. Be careful about applying other oils such as coconut oil, linseed oil, vegetable oil, and others as they can turn rancid after a period of time leaving a strong odor.
  • Products with salad bowl finish such as rolling pins, salad bowls, and cheese boards give them a strong barrier to protect the wood from water and other materials from entering the wood. This type of finish is very long lasting. If you find that after cleaning over a long period of time that the finish is starting to fade, additional coats can be applied. Use General Finishes "Salad Bowl Finish" or similar. Apply a thin coat using a lint free towel or rag and let dry for 3 days before using again or use as directed by can. 
  • All food ready products can be washed like anything else in the sink using cool to warm water as well as soap. Wash until clean and rinse thoroughly. Dry immediately and place in a dry area.
  • Do not soak in sink for any extended period of time.
  • Do not place in dishwasher. The hot water and steam cycle can reduce strength of glue, finish, and wood.
  • Do not scrub with anything too abrasive such as steel wool as this can remove the food safe finish.


If you would like to know more about care and other information, feel free to send me an email. Another great resource is the online web where tons of information can be found about care guides.