Welcome to the Show Room. Here you can explore unique creations and find information about them.

Pepper Mills

Pepper Mills are one of my best selling items as well as the most unique. These grinders are functional and will adjust in grind from fine to extremely course. These can be made using a variety of hardwoods ranging from: Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Oak, and Sapelle.

Pricing starts at $59 - $139 depending on size of wood and complexity of design. 


Pens are one of the first projects I started making with my new shop. They were popular then and are still popular now. I make them in a variety of styles and wood types which are sure make an impression. Pens can be made using a large assortment of domestic and exotic hardwoods such as: Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Jatoba, Purple Heart, Bubinga, Bloodwood, Peduak, and several others. 

Pricing starts at $34 for Slmline pens, $68 for bullet, sceptre, and Gothic style pens, and up to $100+ for Fountain and other unique pens.

Salad Bowls

A newer addition to my lineup. These bowls range from simple bowl construction to well over 100 pieces and are all sealed with a salad bowl finish so that it is food safe. They can be made using maple, walnut, or cherry. See my care and information tab for more information on these. 

Pricing starts at $74 for smaller sizes and goes up to around $225.

Coffee Grinders

I added Coffee Grinders to my lineup after the massive popularity of the pepper grinders. This being a similar mechanism and operation, they grind coffee beans. But that is not all they are good for. They can grind up any concoction of herbs and spices to create a unique blend. The grounds drop into a pull out drawer which is coated in mineral oil which makes it food safe while the outside is polyurethane for a nice finish and seal. Coffee Grinders can be made with Maple, Walnut, Cherry, and occasionally other species. 

Pricing on coffee grinders is $235 and goes up for more complex versions. 

Cutting Boards

I specialize in End Grain cutting boards which look beautiful on the counter top and are much more durable than regular cutting boards. An end-grain is much harder than other areas of the wood and has a greater tolerance for the chopping while being gentle on your knifes edge. Cutting boards can be made from Maple, Walnut or Cherry and range in size greatly. 

Pricing Starts at $69 for 8 by 12 and $139 for 12 by 16. Other sizes can be custom made, email me for availability.

Cheese Boards

I make two kinds of cheese boards. The first is a more simple shape where the wood grain really shows off and creates a nice piece serve cheese and crackers on. The second variant is a round and more decorative version featuring marble in the center which helps to keep the cheese cool. The ring around the marble is where many variants of crackers can be placed. Both create an excellent presentation piece. Cheese Boards can be made with Maple, Walnut, or Cherry and are almost 12 inches in diameter with a 6 inch diameter marble center.

Pricing starts at $64 for solid piece cheese boards.

Bottle Stoppers

Bottle Stoppers are a great addition for any wine connoisseur. These feature many different varieties of hardwoods including exotic ones and are made in two styles. The classic is a knob like shape for easy gripping. The T-style is newer and offers a more unique modern look. Both styles will unscrew from the stopper portion to reveal a corkscrew to open fresh bottles of wine.

Pricing starts at $34

Rolling Pins

These make for a great addition to any kitchen as these are made to be used as well as show off on display. They are heavy duty solid pieces of wood and are sealed with salad bowl finish making them food safe. Rolling Pins are made using Solid Maple, or Sapelle. 

Pricing starts at $39 for solid rolling pins. 

Wine Displays

Wine displays consist of a simple design that creates a beautiful center piece for a table, mantle, or china cabinet. It also serves as a way to commemorate a bottle of a significant date or event. These can be made using a large variety of hardwoods ranging from: Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Oak, and Elm.

Wine Displays are $19 each with your choice of wood.


Coasters come in a variety of styles ranging from simple solid pieces of wood, stripped, and end grain style. They are sealed with polyurethane which gives them water resistance. Coasters are made mostly with Maple, Walnut, or Cherry. They are occasionally made with exotic species as well. 

Coasters are sold in sets of 4 and start at $18 for solid pieces. $24 for stripped, and $30 for end grain style.

Decorative Bowls

Decorative bowls are what got me started in wood working and why I still do it. These projects are what really show off my capabilities and love when I get a chance to make them. Price ranging on these is anywhere from a few hundred up to the thousand range. 

Specialty Projects 

Specialty projects usually consist of commission jobs that are out of my normal realm of products that I offer. Prices one these are determined on a case by case basis. Email me for more info if you have a project in mind.