Out with the old and in with the New!

Updating the website has been a project that I pushed aside for months. I am just glad that it is finally done and I love the new look of it. Here are a few things that I have learned from my old website to this new one.

My old site had just about everything it needed to serve its purpose and be functional. It had a lot of information but I didn't like the look of it and didn't have a natural flow to it. The problem was that I wanted an old traditional style site and I didn't have enough content at the time to fill that design. Those of you who browsed it may have noticed that a lot of my gallery pages only had 1 or 2 images on each tab. It looked terribly incomplete. I addressed that with my Show Room page. Aside from that, I didn't have a lot on there that expressed who and what I was or what I did. I am hoping to change that here. 

I decided to delete my entire template off my site and started with a brand new one. This allowed me to take in a new perspective and decided to go with a white background. Once I started adding photos to it, I was really taken by surprise by how lively they looked. I always thought that dark backgrounds made images pop but I think that it is quite the opposite. White allows for your images to really stand out and create a beautiful atmosphere. 

I hope to be able to use this blog to bring updates on shop progress, future shows, new products, and other related topics to help make this website a useful resource for customers and other fellow woodworkers.